Growing up in Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong, Sean began making films at age 11, experimenting with Super 8 cameras and editing equipment.  While attending high school in Hong Kong, he made a 25-minute action film, Hong Kong Hookie, which helped earn him a place in the Victorian College of the Arts School of Film and Television (1991 - 1993).  During the course, Sean wrote and directed several 16mm shorts, including Edward's Quest (1992, 15 minutes) and Believers (1993, 17 minutes). At age 22, Sean graduated from the VCA in Melbourne, Australia, with a Bachelor of Film and Television Degree. 

Since then, Sean has worked on features in Australia and the US, as a Production Runner, Assistant Director and Production Assistant (see Resume), while continuing to write and direct short films and music videos.  In 1997, he began writing feature screenplays, later developing Illustrated Hero with Australian Producer, Laura Sivis. To date, Sean has written four features, and developed each script with Laura Sivis, of Courage Films.

Between 2006 and 2011, Sean interned with several production companies in Los Angeles, writing screenplay coverage while learning the studio development process, and worked as an assistant to Producer Allison Thomas, at Larger Than Life Productions (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit). During his time in LA, Sean attended film festivals and markets (Sundance, AFI, AFM), advanced screenwriting and directing workshops, and professional seminars, gathering valuable insight into the business of film production. Sean also attended screenplay pitch festivals (InkTip, Pitchfest), pitching his screenplays to studios and production companies.  One of Sean's screenplays, Claws, was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, in 2010.  Also that year, Sean wrote, directed and produced a short film based on the feature screenplay.  The short film, Claws, premiered at "Renovation 2011" - the 69th World Science Fiction Convention, in Reno, Nevada.

Sean is currently developing his screenplay The Legend of Yakatutch with Producer Laura Sivis in Sydney, Australia.


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