Set in the frozen wilderness of the Yukon Territory, Canada, THE LEGEND OF YAKATUTCH is an Action-Adventure / Horror screenplay, developed with Australian Producer, Laura Sivis.   

SYNOPSIS:  Scott, a young snowboarding champion, and his girlfriend, Arianne, narrowly escape a brutal attack by an apex predator on the slopes of a remote mountain in the Yukon.  Scott's best friend is killed, while Arianne is severely wounded and hospitalised. Authorities believe the group encountered a grizzly, but Scott has seen the creature and knows it is something far more dangerous.

Scott’s half-brother, Matusa, tells Scott the legend of Yakatutch - an indigenous warrior who committed an unspeakable crime against his people, 300 years ago.  As punishment, Yakatutch was cursed to live as a beast and banished for eternity.   

With help from his zoologist father, Scott uncovers DNA evidence of what he believes is Yakatutch.  Scott suspects the legendary beast is responsible for his friend’s death, but authorities are unconvinced. As Arianne miraculously recovers from her injuries, Scott’s father contacts a pharmaceutical company, which sends a team to capture the unknown source of the DNA. But Yakatutch escapes capture, and is drawn toward civilization by a connection it has with Arianne.

When Scott discovers his own bloodline is linked to Yakatutch, Scott learns he is the only one who can defeat the creature. But first, Scott must overcome his fear, unearth his heritage and, with help from his First Nations half-brother, Matusa, learn the only way to end the curse, and save Arianne.  Visit for more information.

the china club (feature screenplay)

SYNOPSIS:  Sam, 25, converts a run-down theatre into an up-scale new nightclub, but unwittingly provides a venue for his wealthy business partner to entrap young women for the international sex-trade. 




Angel dust (short screenplay)

Inspired by Australia’s most notorious case of police corruption, ANGEL DUST follows the fictional story of Kitty, a 20 year-old university law student, who finds her boyfriend brutally murdered. When the police deem the case a suicide by overdose, Kitty starts asking questions of her own and soon discovers that her boyfriend, Jackie, was embroiled in Sydney’s criminal underworld, trafficking drugs for the Triads, to pay off his gambling debt.  

Before being murdered, Jackie revealed to his colleague, Alfonzo, that he recorded evidence to bring down the corrupt detectives who were framing him. Now, those same detectives believe Kitty knows too much and must be silenced. In a bold gamble to find justice for Jackie, and save her own life, Kitty and Alfonzo join forces to bring down the corrupt cops who murdered her boyfriend.  

The short film stars Nico Cortez (Hacksaw Ridge, Pirates of the Caribbean)Danny Adcock (Prisoner, Home & Away), Roger Ward (Mad Max, The Man From Hong Kong) and Izzy Stevens (Underbelly). Directed by Toby B. Styling (Bluesteel Films). Cinematography by Kent Marcus (Psychoanalysis). Written by Sean Francis Ellis


SHADOW MEN (Feature Screenplay)


CLAWS, 2011  (short film, 11 min.)

SHADOW MEN is an action-packed Science-Fiction / Thriller in the style of John Carpenter classics The Fog, They Live and Escape From New York.  Co-Written by Sean Francis Ellis & Kent Hill.  

SYNOPSIS: A drifter ends up in a mysterious mountain town where the local water plant hides nefarious secrets, with larger implications for all of humanity. He teams up with a plucky female bartender to investigate strange occurrences that point to extraterrestrial origins, and discovers a government conspiracy looming large on the horizon...

A proof-of-concept short, based on a feature-length screenplay of the same name. Filmed in Big Bear, California, in February 2010.  

SYNOPSIS:  When an Anthropologist is reported missing in the ice fields of the Canadian Yukon, his son Scott (20) suspects he was searching for a legendary creature. In his father's study, Scott finds a map and sets off for the remote location by helicopter, with four of his friends. Finding nothing, their helicopter returns to collect them, but crashes nearby, leaving Scott and his friends stranded. Using his father's map to look for shelter, Scott and his friends find the carcass of a deer, brutally killed by another animal. A strange howl warns them of danger, and they soon find themselves being stalked by a ferocious predator. As one of their group is taken, a grisly old hunter appears and offers to lead them to safety. But can he be trusted?

A teaser/trailer promoting the short film, CLAWS