Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Documentary Feature Film

A Crowdfunding Campaign to raise production funding for the Documentary Feature, "Island School: Celebrating 50 Years" was launched on April 20th.  The campaign was a huge success, exceeding the initial goal of $5,000, to raise $8,525 in only 25 days! 

Visit the campaign HERE.

Later this year, the International School I attended in Hong Kong as a teenager will be demolished to make way for a new design. To mark the 50th Anniversary of the school, and preserve the old buildings for future generations, I'm producing a documentary film that tells the story of this unique institution and the people who spent their formative years there - the Islanders.

"The Legend of Yakatutch" wins "Best Project & Pitch" at 3-D Stereo Media Summit in Belgium, 2014.

In December, 2014, Producer Laura Sivis was invited to pitch Sean's screenplay, The Legend of Yakatutch, at the 3-D Content Financing Market, and was awarded BEST PROJECT & PITCH by a panel of international judges, during the 3-D Stereo Media Summit in Liege, Belgium.   

In November, 2014, Sean visited Los Angeles and directed a script reading for his screenplay, The China Club (see Projects), with a cast of ten actors. 

In September, 2013, after attending the Toronto Film Festival, Sean visited Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon, to research settings for The Legend of Yakatutch, and explored the surrounding wilderness, including dramatic glaciers, rivers and forests.