2017        Director, Camera, Editor, Producer - Island School: Celebrating 50 Years (Documentary)                                                                   Filmed in Hong Kong, currently in post-production

2016        Established Cinebrand - a Video Production Business.

2016        Director, Camera, Editor, Producer - Little Learners "It's OK" (Promotional Video)                                                                         Suncoast Christian College, Sunshine Coast, Queensland 

2013        Director, Camera, Editor - Don't Wake Me Up (Music Video - Nicole Sero) - Sydney

2011        Director, Producer, Screenwriter - Claws (Short) - Los Angeles

2009        Director, Writer - Sydney Dogs and Cats Home (Commercial) 

2009        Second Assistant Editor - I Wish I Were Stephanie V (Feature)                                                                                                           Courage Films, Laura Sivis, Producer - Sydney

2007        Film Professionals Desk – AFI Film Festival, Los Angeles (Volunteer)                             

2007        Production Assistant/Assistant Director, The Northwoods Protocol (Short)                                                                                       Redhead Films, Scott Stoddard, Director - Los Angeles                               

2006        Producer's Assistant - The Tale of Despereaux (Animated Feature)                                                                                                     Larger Than Life Productions, Allison Thomas, Producer - Los Angeles

2005        Production Assistant - Commercials - Prodigy Films, Sydney                                       

2005        Second Assistant Director, Still Life (Short)
                              Australian Film, Television & Radio School, Tahnee McGuire, Director

2004        Director, Writer, Editor - The Cause (Music Video - Matt Ellis) - Sydney                                     

2003        Production Runner, Main Unit, Son of the Mask (Feature)    
                              New Line Cinema, Erica Huggins, Producer - Sydney

2003        Production Assistant - Commercials - Flying Fish Productions, Sydney

2002        Director, Camera, Editor - On Your Way (Music Video - Matt Ellis) - Sydney

2001        Production Assistant/Runner - Commercials & Music Videos - Fitzair Productions, Sydney

2000        Production Runner - A Wreck, A Tangle (Feature)                                                                                                                               Rectango, Nicki Roller, Producer - Sydney     

2000        Production Runner, Crossing (Festival Trailer) - Sydney Film Festival

2000         First Assistant Director, Desy (Short) - Winner, TropFest Film Festival 2001                                                                                       Courage Films, Laura Sivis, Producer - Sydney

2000         Producer's Assistant (Australia), Our Lips Are Sealed (Feature)                                                                                                          Courage Films, Laura Sivis, Producer - Sydney

1999        Production Assistant, Farscape (TV series)                                                                                                                                           Jim Henson Productions & Sci-Fi Channel - Sydney

1998        Camera Department Attachment, Muggers (Feature)                                                                                                                           Instinct Productions, Nigel Odell & David Redman, Producers - Melbourne        

1997        Production Assistant, Scrapbook (Independent Feature)                                                                                                                     Fragile Films, Kurt Kuenne, Director - Los Angeles  

1995        Production Runner, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (Feature)                                                                                      Twentieth Century Fox, Suzanne Todd, Producer - Sydney


2006        Larger Than Life Productions, Universal Studios (Gary Ross) 
                               Screenplay coverage, research    

2006        Angry Films, Henson Studios, Hollywood (Don Murphy) 
                               Screenplay coverage, research    

2006        Barbara Lieberman Productions, Culver City
                               Screenplay coverage, research


2018        Shadow Men - Co-Writer, with Kent Hill (Sci-Fi/Thriller, Feature)

2015        Angel Dust (Crime/Thriller, Short)

2014        The China Club (Comedy/Crime/Thriller, Feature)

2013        The Legend of Yakatutch (Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi/Horror, Feature) 

2010        Claws (Short based on Feature Screenplay)  

2009        The Assistant (Suspense/Thriller, Feature – Outline) 

2008        Inhabitant (Co-Writer, Sci-Fi/Thriller, Feature)

2005        Claws (Action/Horror, Feature)         

2003        China Doll (Crime/Thriller, Feature)

2001        Illustrated Hero (Adventure/Romance, Feature)

Sean served as a production assistant on my short film, “The Northwoods Protocol”. Sean was able to juggle many duties, from set decoration to wrangling actors to grip work... to basically whatever was needed. Great thing about Sean is that he is himself a filmmaker, so he was able to often anticipate the needs of his colleagues, jumping in to help before anybody even asked. We were shooting with seven cameras on a closed set, so everything had to run smoothly, like clockwork. Sean was an integral part of that overall effort.
— Scott Stoddard - Director of "The Northwoods Protocol" (2007)
A pleasure to work with. Very enthusiastic, a hard worker and team player. Highly knowledgeable about film both from a technical and historical perspective. Excellent script coverage as he has great taste and a very firm grasp of the mechanics of storytelling.
— Casey Crowe managed Sean at Larger Than Life Productions, Universal Studios

qualifications & skills

University of Melbourne (Victorian College of the Arts)
Bachelor of Film & Television (1991 – 1993)

The course teaches practical skills and cinema theory, focusing on Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Editing (film and video), Production Management and Sound.  Each year, students are required to write, direct and edit a short film for assessment, whilst collaborating on fellow students' films in crew positions.  During the course, Sean wrote, directed and edited several short films, using 16mm film equipment.  His films included: “The Courier” (1991, 12 minutes), “Edward's Quest” (1992, 15 minutes) and “Believers” (1993, 17 minutes).

Sean is proficient in numerous Mac & PC applications, including Final Draft, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and using websites like Vimeo and YouTube.  Sean also has many years experience shooting on film and video, including 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, digital video and tape, with an up-to-date knowledge of production methods and technology.  Sean has many years experience in screenplay development and research, and is team-oriented, collaborative and reliable under pressure.  He has a passion for film and movies of all genres, and brings a highly-focused, professional attitude to all his endeavours.