Island School Documentary and VR Archive filming completed

In June, 2017, Island School in Hong Kong celebrated its 50th Anniversary with three days of celebrations.  Alumni from all over the world reunited at the school, which is to be redeveloped in the coming months.  As well as celebrations at the school and throughout Hong Kong, a Gala Dinner was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, on June 10.

Filming took place over the Gala Weekend (June 9 to 11), and interviews with alumni took place over a ten day period, between June 7 and June 16.  The footage captured includes 4K U-HD video (interviews and events), as well as a Virtual Reality Archive of the school, captured in Spherical Video with the Orah 4i 360 camera system.  A clip from the Archive can be seen below, or on Vimeo:

The Indiegogo campaign can be seen here:

Teaser for the Island School VR Archive. Recorded with the Orah 4i in 360 Spherical Video. Hong Kong, June 9 & 14, 2017.  (Rehearsing for the Block Party at the school, June 9).