"Shadow Men" Screenplay at Cannes Market 2019

Producer Laura Sivis is attending the 2019 Cannes Film Market, to pitch the Science-Fiction/Thriller screenplay, “Shadow Men”, to distributors and investors. 

Co-Written with Kent Hill, “Shadow Men” is inspired by seminal 1980s Sci-Fi/Thrillers, including John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York” (1981) and “They Live” (1988), and hard-edged Action/Adventures “First Blood” (1982) and “Red Dawn” (1984).  These high concept films (and many more from the ‘90s) deliver excitement, suspense and spectacle, while exploring universal themes, such as the misuse of authority and technology, to control us (government conspiracies).  “Shadow Men” updates these themes, adding surprising new twists, while appealing to the global fanbase of these genres, and of John Carpenter (this year’s honouree at the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight). Go to PROJECTS for a synopsis.